Construction project management and Support

AConstruction is a technical field requiring technical input. Competent engineers are rare and expensive for the many small sized construction companies to afford to employ them on a full time Basis. Engineers are very Key during project execution especially in validating and handling claims, Production of as-built drawings and other key aspects of project management. Many contractors lose hundreds of millions in certificate preparation due to incompetent personnel. Others also rely on the client to decide what to pay them which normally comes with a conflict of interest. It is a sole responsibility of the contractor to determine what they should be paid, but this must be done by a competent person. If the contractor does not have competent people to validate the Bills of quantities, they end up doing so much more than they ought to do as a contractual obligation. This leads to losses which has led to liquidation of many companies.

At ESFED, we ,
  • ensure that the contractor, no matter the size, gets that technical representation in the market so that clients view them as competent contractors who know what they are doing. 
  • With our team of technical staff who have worked in various positions as contract managers, Consultants and contractor, we ensure that the contractor prepares a claim that gives him all his entitlements 
  • We ensure that the contractors’ certificates are prepared on time to improve the contractor cashflow which is very crucial in this business 
  • We do cost management. We ensure that a contractor does not suffer for BOQ under estimates

Our Commitment

ESFED is committed to providing reliable construction and consultancy services across various sectors. Our experience and the experience of the affiliated companies enable us deliver projects at a wide spectrum fulfilling the needs of our clients while contributing to the economic development and well being of societies. We achieve all projects through Creativity with a focus on finding innovative solutions using available resources and corporate-social responsibility achieved through active community participation.