Bid Advisory and Support

With over five years of experience in the Ugandan industry, we have acquainted ourselves with the best practices for Bid preparation and our support has helped our clients win more projects than they used to. Our team has experience in preparing Bid documents that conforms to the requirements of PPDA and the various development partners like the world Bank, African development Bank, European Union, JICA, Islamic development Bank and FIDIC. Our services include the following;

A. Bid Writing

Maybe you have a bid bottleneck with several bids landing at once but not enough bid writers in your team to respond; maybe your re-bid needs to be sharper than your previous winning bid and not simply ‘more of the same’; or maybe you simply don’t have the time or expertise to write your bid response alongside your other work. In any scenario, you can rely on our experienced bid writers to relieve you of the stress and produce high quality responses for your bids. Our experience of bid writing is diverse, enabling us to work across multiple fields. Areas in which we have high competences include;
1. Building construction and consultancy tenders
2. Road construction and consultancy tenders
3. Water related construction and consultancy tenders
3. Environment tenders
4. Supplies Tenders
5. Pre-qualifications

“Our experienced and highly skilled bid writers can produce clear, well-structured responses that will present your organization in the best possible light”

C. Training in Bid writing

Our courses incorporate relevant legislation and best practice. Themes are wide-ranging and can include, for example: We will devise and deliver any training course or workshop for you following discussion about the key themes, content and learning outcomes you require. We can also include your previous bids within the training so that you can use the session to identify and build on existing strengths and resolve weaknesses to increase your win rate.” We train your teams in software that are used in organizing Bids in order to minimize omissions, reduce mistakes and save on time

“As our client workshops are individually devised, we’ll adapt content to suit your level of experience in bidding. We’ll provide follow-up support after your workshop to ensure you’re confident in applying your new skills in your bids’’”

B.Bid Management

Our bid management service provides the support of an experienced bid manager for the duration of your bid. Our bid managers each have a track record of bid wins in the construction sector. A dedicated bid manager will support your bid within an accountable, best-practice framework of team engagement, quality and risk management to deliver your bid on time. Our team will relieve you of the responsibility of Managing the project, plan for your bid, monitoring progress and Coordinating

“We can provide you with a dedicated bid manager to either fully manage your bid or to enhance expertise within your own bid team when resources are stretched”

D.Bid advisory services

Whether you are new to bidding and need help starting out or you are an experienced bidder seeking strategic advice, our bid advisory service will provide practical, focused solutions to help you get a better return on your bids and tendering activities. Our bid advisory services are flexible, and include one-off advice, ongoing ad hoc support, or regular advisory input from our team of experienced bid consultants. We can provide strategic and practical advice for a specific bid or issue that you have, or tailored advice that supports your business’ approach to bidding in a specific area, for example:

“’Our bid advisory services provide access to experienced bid consultants who will help you bid strategically with confidence and success”

Additional Support

  • Procuring Bid Document from Tendering Authority and making it available to the you on time.
  • Submission of Proposal/Bid on time and its entirety, with logistical assistance required to carry out the same throughout Uganda.
  • Represent client at the Pre-bid conference.
  • Ensure that client organization is compliant with local bidding processes, with the respective tendering authority.
  • Attend Bid Opening meetings on client’s behalf and report back the summary and key actions required by them.
  • Coordinate receipt of key bid requirements like Bid security. Performance security, Insurance recommendation letters, etc
  • Ensure that client organization is compliant with local bidding processes, with the respective tendering authority.
  • Follow-up & liasioning with the Tendering Authority on clients behalf.
  • Giving Local Taxes and duty information & helping with local registrations if any required for the project.
  • Assistance with complete Local Logistics.

Our Commitment

ESFED is committed to providing reliable construction and consultancy services across various sectors. Our experience and the experience of the affiliated companies enable us deliver projects at a wide spectrum fulfilling the needs of our clients while contributing to the economic development and well being of societies. We achieve all projects through Creativity with a focus on finding innovative solutions using available resources and corporate-social responsibility achieved through active community participation.