Construction supervision for the Upgrade of Opuyo Power substation in Soroti District

The works Involved the decommission of the only available transformer (10MVA ) and replacing it with two (2) 40MVA transformers. This Involved construction supervision for Transformer Base, Contral Buildings, Road Works in The station, Installations and Concrete Cable Ducts

Consultancy services for feasibility study and detailed engineering design for Kisoro – Rubuguri – Nteko Muko Road, in association with SMEC International Pty Ltd

Kisoro-Rubuguri-Nteko – Muko Road (71Km) is an existing gravel road located in southern part of Uganda and it boarders Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, where the famous Gorillas live. It traverses through the districts of Rubanda (90%) and Kisoro (10%). This project road is highly a touristic area mainly due to the famous Gorilla species.

The existing road as well as the intended new roads will continue to be an important part of the transport system in the area. There is also high potential to develop the Lakes in the project area with Lodges and similar service activities to support the tourism industry.

The road also forms part of an international road connecting Uganda to Congo at Nteko boarder. Once the road is upgraded, it is likely to boost tourism, Timber business, Tea Business, Iron mining and trade between Kisoro and the various trading centres along the road.

This project was awarded to ESFED Limited in association with SMEC International Pty Ltd in 2017 by Uganda National roads Authority (UNRA) to provide a feasibility study and detailed engineering design through a competitive bidding.

Preparation of Catchment Management Plans in the Watershed Areas of Wadelai, Tochi, Mubuku II, Doho II and Ngenge Irrigation Schemes Ltd

The Government of Uganda with support from the Nordic Development Fund, through the Forestry Sector Support Department under the Ministry of Water and Environment, is currently implementing the Farm Income Enhancement and Forest Conservation Programme - Project 2 (FIEFOC-2) which is designed to improve farm incomes, rural livelihoods, food security and climate resilience, sustainable Natural Resources management and agricultural enterprise development.

One of the goals of the project was preparation of Catchment Management Plans for the surrounding watershed of the new Wadelai, Tochi, Mubuku II, Doho II and Ngenge Irrigation Schemes located respectively in districts of Pakwach, Oyam, Kasese, Butaleja and Kween. The main Purpose of the Catchement Management Plans was to protect the Irrigation schemes under Construction from Excessive Sediments, Drought and excess Floods.

Development of Geo-spatial Data for Farmers in Mukono District for Improve service delivery

ESFED was contract by the National Agricultural research Organization Funded by Gordan and CTA to Collect data and develop a Map base Geospatial Data in Mukono District. This Data Shall be Very Vital for Service delivery by Government, NGOs, Service Providers and Market Access by Farmers.