Environment planning and assessment (E.P.A)

With experience in the provision of environmentally sustainable services for infrastructure projects, we are adept at addressing the competing demands of the community, the environment and economic viability.

We draw on the skills and experience of our technical experts to provide our clients with the full spectrum of environmental services. These services include: identifying, assessing and managing environmental impacts; managing environmental data within Geographic Information Systems (GIS); ecology services; environmental planning and permit procedures; ensuring compliance with legislation, conditions of permits and licenses.

Our environment planning and assessment services can be provided independently, or in conjunction with other sectors including transport, water, mining, buildings and urban development and energy and renewables.

E.P.A Services Include;

  • Water sciences
  • Environmental impact
  • Land management
  • Contamination and waste management
  • Socio-economics
  • Environmental auditing
  • Design and planning

Communication and stakeholder engagement (C.S.E)

At ESFED, we develop communication and stakeholder engagement strategies for projects of all sizes, and work with clients to identify key stakeholders to facilitate project implementation and delivery. Working collaboratively with our multidisciplinary team of experts, we ensure community consultation and stakeholder engagement are effectively integrated throughout the project lifecycle.

Early engagement allows for constructive input during the planning and design stages, and for communities to share in the collective benefits of sustainable outcomes. We have in-depth knowledge of political and bureaucratic government processes, and our expertise ensures that government objectives are achieved through the effective implementation of public policy initiatives. We stay up-to-date with emerging trends and sensitive issues through effective and regular communication and engagement with stakeholders, and aim to mitigate and manage any stakeholder concerns before they become a public issue.

C.S.E Services Include;

  • Community Relations and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Government Relations
  • Public Relations
  • Media and Communications
  • Public policy development and implementation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • Social and demographic analysis
  • Employee engagement
  • Campaign management
  • Project management
  • Business cases


As demand for irrigation continues to rise, improved irrigation systems and infrastructure is essential. Our engineers and irrigation experts have in-depth knowledge of the irrigation sector and are dedicated to delivering quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that add value to client requirements. Best practice methods are used to plan, size, optimize, control and prepare detailed designs of pump stations, pipe networks and open channel irrigation systems.

Storm Water Management

At ESFED, we are committed to developing cost-effective, environmentally sensitive and community-based stormwater management and pollution prevention solutions.

We understand the key to stormwater management is adequate provision for the collection and transmission of storm water runoff, and strive to incorporate urbanisation impacts, flood management, ecosystem protection, ‘natural’ system design replication and water quality management into all storm water management projects.

Waste Management

ESFED considers waste a resource, and seeks to achieve sustainable development through the avoidance, recovery and reuse of waste. We understand the varying nature of waste issues in different environments and integrate the latest engineering processes and technologies to achieve sustainable and cost-effective waste management outcomes on all projects. Our delivery of waste-related projects ranges from waste planning through to the design and management of waste facilities. .

  • Strategic planning and policy development 
  • Waste to energy conversion
  • Site rehabilitation and remediation
  • Landfill monitoring 
  • Waste audits 
  • Landfill and transfer station design 
  • Contaminated site assessment and management

Water Resources

Through a multi-disciplinary team of Specialists, we provide tailored and innovative solutions on a range of water resource projects, which include: Integrated water resources management and modeling, catchment management, Environmental flow studies, Wetland management, Climate change adaptation In addition, we specialize in the design of water resources structures, including dams, spillways, fish ways, drains and culverts.

  • Basin planning and flood studies
  • Flood plain management
  • Hydrological and hydraulic modelling
  • Hydropower planning
  • Hydrological and geotechnical investigations
  • Water quality and topographic surveys

Water Supply and Waste Water

Our experience with water supply and wastewater systems ranges from rural, community-based water supply systems, and storm water and wastewater reuse schemes, through to the development of water treatment facilities. Our team of engineers provides expert, multidisciplinary water engineering and management services, and adopts across-sectoral approach that incorporates community participation, environment and training aspects into all projects.

  • Water supply and water treatment
  • Wastewater collection and treatment
  • Water reuse
  • Storm water harvesting 
  • Infrastructure development 
  • Climate change adaptation

Irrigation Services Include;

  • Crop water and irrigation demand studies
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies
  • GIS modelling and decision support systems
  • Water use efficiency and productivity analysis
  • Water quality analysis and planning
  • Irrigation master planning and policy framework development
  • Irrigation and drainage structure design